I’ve had a blog for years but have not made a habit of writing posts on a consistent basis. Anytime there’s something I want to write about I come up with 10 reasons not to.

Starting today I want to change my perspective on writing, to approach blogging not as an exercise in self promotion, but as an exercise of the brain. Like going to the gym, but the treadmill is a keyboard and the free weights are the publish button.

People like Fred Wilson talk about how blogging becomes a habit that helps you form your thoughts & test ideas. James Altucher writes & writes  in a style that feels stream of conscious, he encourages others to do the same. Just write, then click post.

That’s the thing. These guys get it done.

This post wasn’t written to make a statement. It’s just release 1.0. To get the ball rolling… write, think, iterate.

Clicking publish.