Another batch of interesting links from around the web this week

Bitcoin isn’t Money—It’s the Internet of Money – strange title, good article. I would have gone with something along the lines of ‘Programmable Money’.  Either way this article does a good job of explaining all the different ways Bitcoin can be used to build new and innovative financial services using “permissionless innovation“. Good to see an article like this about Bitcoin that ignores talk of bubbles and the dark web.

Software-in-2014 – Tim Bray gives a breezy and frank run down of the current state of software development. Writing about client-side development: “Things are bad. You have to build everything three times: Web, iOS, Android. We’re talent-starved, this is egregious waste, and it’s really hurting us.”

The Dangerous Rise of Entrepreneurship Porn – no it’s not what you think it is. Key quote from the article “I’ve come to suspect that the rise of ‘entrepreneurship porn’ is at least as much about escaping a company as starting one. “

Open Data a Boon for Entrepreneurs – Start-ups figuring out ways to monetize open data sets from the government. Interesting space where I think we’ll see even more activity in the coming years.

Why Python is Steadily Eating Other Languages Lunch – written by an R user who one day looked around and realized he was doing everything in Python.