How I Learned to Stop Giving Advice – spot on post about helping early stage start-ups by telling them stories about your own experiences starting a company.  Stories about where things went wrong are just as important as where things succeeded.  From the author. “It is that founder’s job to take what I can relate about my experiences and determine if it applies to what they are doing. They know their product, vision, and domain more than I ever will.”

AWS Tips I Wish I’d Known Before I started – a solid collection of tips for all pieces of the AWS stack. Love this line – “If you have to SSH into your servers, then your automation has failed.”

Why the Most Important Part of Your App has the Messiest Code – truth. 

Do Not End the Week With Nothing – This is a must read for developers. It’s lengthy but very much worth the time.  

Fake Your Backend – A simple way to create a dummy endpoints for your front-end or app developers. With it you can quickly mock up JSON endpoints. I can see this being very handy.