File this one under “things I couldn’t solve with a simple Google search”.

I recently dropped & shattered the screen on my Nexus 5. Bummer. It was actually pretty surprising, I’ve had plenty of other phones with Gorilla Glass that were dropped and survived. This time the phone hit the ground face down and completely shattered.

If you are looking for a way to replace it yourself I’d recommend you save yourself the trouble. Replacement screens run $150+ on eBay and that’s just parts.

I ended up contacting LG support at 1-800-793-8896. It’s a pretty straight forward process, they’ll give you a return authorization number and an address to mail the phone. They won’t give you an estimate until they have had a chance to inspect the phone but I can tell you right now, it will cost you $146.

After they receive the phone you’ll get a call from a support rep. You can pay the repair fee right then over the phone, and a few days later your Nexus 5 will be returned, good as new. It’s not a refurb, they send your actual phone back. You’ll still need to factory reset before you send it in though.

Expensive lesson, but overall a pretty simple process. Hope this helps someone looking for a solution.