I’m a fan of streaming music services for simplicity and convenience. subsonic-icns-sourceOn the other hand when I really want to sit down and listen to my favorite albums I prefer high quality .flac streaming from a Subsonic server. The mobile apps for Subsonic are outstanding, with my personal favorite being DSub for Android.

The one thing I’ve been searching for high and low is a solid desktop client for OSX to listen while I’m on my laptop. I’ve tried them all Clementine, Submariner, Subair and Thumper. All of these clients are either broken and no longer supported, or they are unable to stream .flac files. Inevitably I end up back using the official web client – which I dont’t mind using but the problem is I hate running my media player in a browser tab. You can’t quickly alt-tab to it, use keyboard shortcuts, or easily swap windows in a desktop manager.

I decided to sit down this weekend and work on turning the web client into a Mac OSX desktop client using Fluid. While the solution is not a perfect replacement for a native client, sub-fluid-screenit’s providing me the best Subsonic desktop experience I’ve had since I started using the platform two years ago. The app runs in a standalone container with a sharp looking dock icon along with shortcuts for the essentials; Next, Previous, and Play/Pause. To help any others out there searching for a similar solution I’ve shared the scripts and assets on GitHub.

Hope you find it useful. Let me know if you want to see any additions or changes.